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Symphonic Wind Web

Symphonic Wind Web

Symphonic Wind Web is a comprehensive directory and membership platform for Musicians, Conductors, Composers, Orchestras and Instrument Services in the world of Symphonic Wind Music. 
Our platform seeks to bring the genre together in one place and offer a range of services in order to facilitate the life in the professional music world and for consumers to gain a good overview of global events and be able to enjoy the best events with good planning.

Knowledge Platform 
Orchestras are given the opportunity ti promote their main Events and share News easily with a global audience. 

Global Event Calendar
Consumers shall easily gain an overview of global key Events and be able to plan trips and visits comfortably ahead of time. 

Efficient Application Process for Musicians and Orchestras
Musicians, Conductors and Composers are able to upload their profiles and works with a wide range of extra information in our database and present their talents to new opportunities and chances for jobs / contracts. Orchestras place their requests for open positions, temporary replacements, substitutes or other job openings and by the support of intelligent databases receive a „best of…“ preselection of near hits.  




Professional Office Management

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